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Scandinavian Interior Design - A Style Guide

What is Scandinavian Interior Design? And how do you add key elements to your home? Born of the punishing climates of Northern Europe with it’s long, harsh winters, the resulting holy grail of creating a cosy ‘Hygge’ space that is both utilitarian and beautiful has long since spread from Scandinavia. And it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future! Scandi style has arguably influenced interior design consistently since the mid-20th century, and the current yearning for sustainability has breathed new life into this trend.

Cosy, light enhancing minimalist spaces, heavy on texture, a muted colour palette, plenty of natural materials, a simple aesthetic...functionality meets form head on in Scandi interiors. Champions of this design love the Scandi interior for its simplicity and balance in what, let’s face it, can be a hectic modern world!

At Dotmaker we believe everyone can embrace some Scandi style into their interior - and here’s how! Join the Dotmaker dots below to find out how to achieve some shortcuts to Scandi style...

First things first with Scandinavian Interior Design!

Think ‘function + form’. Look for hard-working pieces, pieces that offer robust usability, with clean lines, honest craftsmanship and a degree of elegance. Forget manufactured items that offer no actual function, they have no place here! Instead, create decoration with natural materials - anything offered by nature is good.

Scandinavian style guide

Comfort is key!

Introduce simple, no-fuss texture at every opportunity - wood, stone, linens, velvet, animal hides, metals, etc. For Scandinavian Interior Design, keep your colour palette neutral - but that doesn't mean it has to be all white! You can sneak in a few bursts of colour with vibrant textiles and soft furnishings.

Scandinavian style guide

Keep it liveable, yet scale back on accessories. It might be time to de-clutter and get rid of what you don’t need. But source that storage, whether its cupboards, bookcases, sideboards, etc. to hold and hide your essentials whilst keeping them close to hand.

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