Beckie @haveyouseenmyarea
I’m Beckie & I live with my husband in a 1890s Victorian terrace in Bristol. It needed a lot of cosmetic work when we bought it, but we decided to go the whole hog & do a full renovation. We’ve added a bedroom & en-suite in the loft & extended the kitchen into the side return. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re so happy with how far we’ve come. 

We also own a very bijou (tiny) 18th century holiday cottage in Somerset. Inspiration for my decor is mostly taken from the period of the property, although I do like to add modern touches here & there. I always begin with the start of an idea & then spend a lot of time googling images & searching Instagram to see what other people have done along the same lines. I get a lot of inspiration from many different Instagram accounts, as there is such diversity. I don’t have one particular style & have tried to incorporate all the things I like between the two houses; light decor, dark decor, Scandi, Maximalist.... hopefully with success.

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