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16 February 2021
Win £100 to spend on Dotmaker

The Winter weather is lifting and spring is on it’s way, which makes now the perfect time to freshen up your home with a few choice pieces. To make it even sweeter, we thought we’d help out by giving one lucky person £100 to spend on what ever they like on our site. To enter […]

13 November 2020
Win a Ochoa Luxury Sheepskin Rug

A luxurious addition to your living space, the 100% wool Ochoa sheepskin rug, available in 3 variations - cream (pictured), natural or dark grey, will feel super soft under your feet and help finish of the rooms décor. The fluffy pile will complement any setting, while accentuating the deluxe style of the rug. Ideal for […]

10 September 2020
Scandinavian Interior Design - A Style Guide

What is Scandinavian Interior Design? And how do you add key elements to your home? Born of the punishing climates of Northern Europe with it’s long, harsh winters, the resulting holy grail of creating a cosy ‘Hygge’ space that is both utilitarian and beautiful has long since spread from Scandinavia. And it’s not going anywhere […]

10 September 2020
Industrial Interior Design - A Style Guide.

What is Industrial Interior Design? Industrial inspired interiors emerged as a trend over 40 years ago, when property developers and home buyers began to seek old warehouses, abandoned mills and disused factories to convert into housing. Mass production of heavily manufactured materials made during the industrial revolution, such as steel, iron, and concrete, were evidenced […]

10 September 2020
Eclectic Interior Design - A Style Guide

The successful eclectic interior includes a combination of original styles, with innovative elements of new, classic and vintage, along with heaps of personality. Eclectic magic comes from the creation of cohesive chaos; the harmonising of disparate textures, style and colours that correlate to form a new direction. Eclectic looks amazing, but these interiors are lightyears […]

25 July 2020
Mid-Century Modern Interior Design - A Style Guide

The Midcentury vibe in interiors originates from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, yet its simple lines, pure forms and iconic design make it an enduring classic with mass appeal. The timeless quality of this style is defined by open plan living, low slung furniture with organic curves, and the exploration of contrasts in materials, pattern […]

8 July 2020
Minimalist Interior Design - A Style Guide

The minimalist design movement dates back to the early 20th century and remains strong today. The origins of minimalism however can be traced back centuries before in the Japanese foundations of Zen and simplicity, whereby anything that isn’t essential is not tolerated - minimalism really is more of a principle than a style. We have […]

13 January 2020
Interior design trends: Going off-trend in 2020!

Is it time to give your home a bit of a refresh? Are you sick of changing things only to discover the next new trend? Does it make you feel like you're behind all over again? Then you'll be glad to know, the easiest way to stay on trend this year is actually going “off-trend” […]

31 December 2019
Our affiliate commission structure is a little different

We all know there are some fantastic designers out there who have mastered the art of unique interior styling.  There are many more people who want to know just how they did it; what inspired them, and where did they find those amazingly quirky items? Well, that’s why Dotmaker was created. We aim to inspire […]