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Eclectic Interior Design - A Style Guide

The successful eclectic interior includes a combination of original styles, with innovative elements of new, classic and vintage, along with heaps of personality. Eclectic magic comes from the creation of cohesive chaos; the harmonising of disparate textures, style and colours that correlate to form a new direction. Eclectic looks amazing, but these interiors are lightyears away from the pages of any typical interiors catalogue or shop.

Eclecticism in design emerged as a genre in both the 19th and 20th centuries, when elements of previous styles were used together to create something new and original. Modern life sees us hanker after this ethos again; we want authenticity and the freedom to innovate in our homes in a personal way, unique to us.

First things first for Eclectic Decor...

Where to start with this style? Whilst you don’t need to be a professional to pull eclectic off in your interior, this territory can also be littered with potential pitfalls so beware - there’s more to it than simply mixing it all up! Eclectic may appear to be without care and curation, but don’t be fooled. Join the Dotmaker dots for how to get it spot on...

Unite and elevate!

Shop for individual objects in varied styles that will work with your existing stuff. Introduce functional pieces and soft furnishings - such as an offbeat side table or colourful accent rug - that will unite and elevate what you already have in your home. Try something different!

Spread it out, mix it up!

Resist the urge to buy the set. Or if you’ve bought the set, resist the urge to display pairs together or collections in their entirety. If you already own matching large-scale pieces, then mix them up by adding accessories. Personal objects are going to get you a long way in your eclectic interior, but considered editing is key, and rotating these seasonally or for variety will give your space the edge.

eclectic style guide

Find your focal point!

‘Match’ items for their different characteristics but ensure cohesion somewhere - use colour and texture for easy shortcuts. Remember the importance of a focal point; with so much going on it’s vital to enhance that one area, be it a fireplace, large scale piece of art or iconic furniture item. Use eye-catching pattern, colour, or an unusual item to attract attention and intensify focus.

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