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Industrial Interior Design - A Style Guide.

What is Industrial Interior Design? Industrial inspired interiors emerged as a trend over 40 years ago, when property developers and home buyers began to seek old warehouses, abandoned mills and disused factories to convert into housing. Mass production of heavily manufactured materials made during the industrial revolution, such as steel, iron, and concrete, were evidenced in abundance in these structures, and were championed for their integrity.

What features of décor means you will fall under the Industrial influence? This style has a lot of exposed infrastructure, raw elements such as metals, concrete and wood, simple forms and stark contrasts. Industrial interior thrives on the simplicity of bare walls, floors and ceilings. There’s little fuss here; character is bestowed by clean lines, and the visible interior framework that with other styles is considered undesirable. Here, these features are celebrated rather than concealed, be it ceiling ducts, breeze block fabrications, or lighting/plumbing installations.

industrial style guide

Not many of us are lucky enough to live in an exposed industrial interior - but luckily the industrial interior vibe is achievable in any space, if you know how! Join the Dotmaker dots to find out how you can easily channel this look directly into your own home...

First things first for Industrial Interior Design

Look for simply-styled products that are fundamentally practical and unfussy. Consider construction materials - go for metals, woods, concrete. Think about investing in quality items that appear as if they have been re-purposed, for example ladder shelving, trestle tables or photography studio floor lamps.

Don’t fall into the trap of sacrificing comfort. After all, you don’t really want your kitchen seating to be cold metal stools. Look for raw elements in pieces but make sure chairs, sofas, beds, etc. incorporate fabric covered padding or leather toppers, and are ultimately comfortable to use. Just keep cushions minimal and accessories no-frill.

Industrial style guide

Neutral colours, sparing accessories

Keep your colour palette neutral and inspired by all things industrial, such as greys, beige's, the various hues of brick. Cement boards and exposed-wall / tin tiled papers are a cost effective way of changes the appearance of your walls and ceilings. Be sparing with accessories and artwork. Look to introduce contrast - add a splash of black here and there.

Industrial style guide

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