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Our affiliate commission structure is a little different

We all know there are some fantastic designers out there who have mastered the art of unique interior styling.  There are many more people who want to know just how they did it; what inspired them, and where did they find those amazingly quirky items? Well, that’s why Dotmaker was created.

We aim to inspire those homeowners who have a love of interiors, giving them an insight into the minds and hearts of some of the best interior designers that are now storming the world of social media.

We don’t believe in product placements, or staged room sets. No, what we want to do is show real homes with unique styles that almost anyone can replicate. We love the passion that those who have styled their own rooms hold, and we believe that it is that passion that will inspire our customers to ‘shop the look’. That’s why we need you.

Where do you come in?

Being one of our trusted affiliate’s means you’ll get the chance to share with the world your unique style, allowing others to find similar items to recreate your look. We will share one or more of your fantastic images, placing dots on specific items, so that customers are able to click through and purchase them right there and then.

But it’s not just about the customer. We also want to reward you for your talent. We’ll pay you a generous commission for every click through that results in a customer having that dream piece delivered to their home.  Plus, because we like to do things a little differently, we’ve come up with two levels of commission, designed to be fairer and more rewarding, for all the hard work you do in designing and refining your interiors.

white woven chair

Here’s how The Dotmaker Affiliate Scheme works

As an affiliate partner, you will send us a collection of images of your home, in a style similar to that which you display on your Instagram/social media account. You must own the rights to this image and give Dotmaker permission to use this image at our discretion, for a minimum period of six months.

If suitable, your images will be displayed on our website in our Inspiration Section. We will then identify several key pieces of furniture and accessories featured in your home, and through our massive supply base, provide our customers with the opportunity to buy one or several items that are of a similar style. We call this our “shop the look” offering.

Customers will simply click on a little white dot on your images and be taken to a product purchase link. Alternative product options will also be presented via this link.

So where does the commission come in?

Dotmaker Affiliate - Traditional Commission Scheme

We will provide you with a unique website link which holds all of the tracking information we need to ensure that any sales from customers you send to us are paid out in full, at 7% of the total checkout value. (Less VAT -  See our terms and conditions document for further details Link)

Dotmaker Affiliate Plus - Our Unique Dotmaker Commission Model

When a customer makes a purchase on our website after clicking a link from an image in our Inspiration Section, supplied by one of our affiliates, our software will connect this transaction to the supplier of this image. If this is your image, you will be rewarded with a Dotmaker Affiliate Plus Commission on the sale of that product; 3% of the total checkout value (Less VAT).

No matter how the customer first arrived on our website, this rule still applies, thus making the potential earnings from the Dotmaker Affiliate Plus scheme, very significant indeed.

Dotmaker Affiliate Plus commission will be awarded in addition to Dotmaker Affiliate commission and paid out on the same product sale. This presents you with the opportunity of earning up to 10% commission on any one sale. (See our terms and conditions document for further details).

If you consider yourself an interiors influencer, and you’d love to be a Dotmaker Affiliate, please register your interest now.