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Mid-Century Modern Interior Design - A Style Guide
mid-century modern style guide

The Midcentury vibe in interiors originates from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, yet its simple lines, pure forms and iconic design make it an enduring classic with mass appeal. The timeless quality of this style is defined by open plan living, low slung furniture with organic curves, and the exploration of contrasts in materials, pattern v. plain, and natural and geometric forms.

Midcentury designers used a plethora of natural materials such as wood and marble, and offset these with relatively new, modern materials including plexiglass, lucite, vinyl, plywood and glass. These exciting new materials were championed in their own right for their inherent qualities and were never dressed up to look like something they were not. Advancements in technology introduced vast variety of fabrics to the masses, with patterns, and colours such as mustard, chartreuse and avocado emerging strong.

Admirers of mid-century style will be reassured to know that many mid-century design classics remain in production or have been revived due to recent demand, however bagging an original can prove very expensive! At Dotmaker, we want to help you achieve the look for less! So, join the Dotmaker dots to understand the distinguished features of mid-century interiors...

First things first for Mid-century Decor...

Go for mostly plain walls and furniture coverings, with injections of well thought out pattern and colour. To give it a bit more substance it would be good to mix it up a bit, whether that's with black and white, and/or geometrics.

mid-century modern style guide

Clean contrast

Think contrast but keep it clean! Clean and uncluttered is key, with minimal ornamentation - try to steer clear from areas looking too "busy". Introduce a juxtaposition of traditional and ‘modern’ materials.

You can always opt to play around with different shapes and forms - to do this you should be inspired by both organic and geometric structure/pattern.

mid-century modern style guide

Statement seating?

The simplicity and honesty of this mid-century modern style blends really well with furniture and design pieces from other eras. That being said, you needn’t feel too pressured to go all out with a complete restyle. Look for honest, individual pieces that you will utilise and that appeal to you. Statement seating or a sideboard could be a great starting point to build your midcentury-inspired interior around.

Even if you start there and incorporate the other simple points we've already mentioned - you will be well on your way to incorporating mid-century modern into your home!

mid-century modern style guide

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