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Minimalist Interior Design - A Style Guide
minimalist style guide

The minimalist design movement dates back to the early 20th century and remains strong today. The origins of minimalism however can be traced back centuries before in the Japanese foundations of Zen and simplicity, whereby anything that isn’t essential is not tolerated - minimalism really is more of a principle than a style. We have put together a simple style guide for the keen Minimalists.

Interior that is easy on the eye

In a nutshell, pared back, simple spaces, sophisticated furniture, lots of light, an open floor plan, neutral white base colours. Minimalist interiors are easy on the eye, and soothing on the soul. Beautiful and serene; to embrace this style less is most definitely more, and provides the perfect backdrop to an inviting interior that can be as luxe as you like!

Embracing this principle in your own home can do wonders for your sanity; it offers serenity and beauty through and through and works in harmony with a mindful lifestyle. That said, achieving this look successfully needs more thought than it may seem! Potential pitfalls can include ending up with a space that can feel sparse, cold or unlived-in. Join the Dotmaker dots to get a head start with minimalism...

First things first for Minimalist Interior

A key mantra to a Minimalist style guide is to live by ‘do more with less’, and simply ‘less is more’! Pare back on superfluous clutter and operate a strict ‘one in, one out’ approach to anything you introduce. Consider each item you bring into your home carefully; form is so important here! You will be repaid with a more considered and thoughtful interior.

minimalist style guide

Light, Space & Storage

The 'one in, one out' mentality doesn't mean get rid of all your belongings and sentimental items. A key factor to a Minimalist style guide is to invest in functional storage that also has beautiful form. Think reductive design, free from decoration or ornamentation. Your inner hoarder can still lurk within if it must!

Don’t panic if you don’t have loads of natural light. Think carefully about using warmer tones of white and off white colours particularly if you’re relying on artificial lighting, and introduce plenty of texture to stop your place feeling flat. Colour can be used - but choose solid pigments that are easy on the eye.

minimalist style guide

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