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Interior design trends: Going off-trend in 2020!

Is it time to give your home a bit of a refresh? Are you sick of changing things only to discover the next new trend? Does it make you feel like you're behind all over again? Then you'll be glad to know, the easiest way to stay on trend this year is actually going “off-trend” with your decor.  We've got all the interior design inspiration you'll need to re-fresh your home in 2020....

Interior design trends 2020

Going off trend

Your home reflects who you are, and what you love - as it should! But you need to get your inspiration from somewhere, right? In the modern world, a high percentage of style influences come from Pinterest boards, aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts, blogs, and magazines. With the market being so saturated its increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Taking that into consideration, lets get to the point...

Staying on trend couldn't be made easier this year, regardless of where your interior inspiration comes from. Think of it as having a slightly laissez-faire attitude of anything goes! Because the biggest thing going into this new decade - believe it or not - is actually going "off trend". Take a look at this Bohemian inspired Pinterest board - you'll see pretty quickly that there's a vast difference in style in almost every pin. Take a Bohemian flavour and mix it up with any style you like to create your own individual look.

Most importantly, the key thing to remember is to be authentic and true to yourself! As long as decorating your home is making you happy - you're already winning! So go ahead and buy that 12th house plant because the leaves were a slightly different shade of green! Turn your home into the Amazonian rain forest if you want. You do you!  And you know what? This year, that's exactly what is going to keep you "on trend".

Although being off trend with your decor is now the "in thing", it doesn't mean you will be lacking in style. Essentially, the number one take home for creating content and inspiring others with your style in 2020 is, TO TELL YOUR STORY. I'm sure you've seen countless examples of homes that are just bursting with personality, regardless of whether the home-owners style is to your own taste or not. A perfect example of telling your story through your home decor, actually comes from one of our Dotmaker Influencers. Pixie sent across some AMAZING images and it’s impossible to deny how clearly you get a feel for Pixie's story/personality. So clearly maximalist, eclectic, bold and obviously filled with vintage inspiration.

Interior design inspiration from @eclecticfoxhome

Dotmaker has something for everyone, no matter who you are or what you love. On that note we want to sign off with a little mantra to take with you through this new decade, ensuring “you do you” in the most fabulous way….


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